The French Protestant Federation

The French Protestant Federation was founded in Paris in 1905 (nineteen hundred five).

Twenty-eight Churches or Union of Churches are belonging to the French Protestant Federation and eighty communities, institutions, organizations and movements, working in a wide range of areas: children, youth, elderly people, health, social work, recreation and holidays, education, communication, arts, international relations, mission and development. That means about 500 (five hundred) associations.

The FPF is an association but too an administration and services (undertaking).

Twenty-five persons are working here in nine services : Information and Communication, Radio, TV, Ecumenism, Biblical Service, Mosaïc Poject, Health chaplaincy, Jail chaplaincy, Military chaplaincy.

The FPF join together the most French protestant Churches and associations, in the diversity of the various protestant and evangelical sensibilities since the Reformation: Lutheran, Baptist, Reformed, Charismatic and Pentecostal one. And this is very singular in Europ.

The FPF contribute to the dialog of those sensibilities in order to bring them closer, represent them near the state and ministries, publics powers and medias.

The FPF is directed by a Council and his president. Claude Baty, actual president, is member of the Union of the free evangelical Church, a Calvinist one. He is one of the most important voices of the Protestantism in the French society.

He is telling publically in name of the FPF on such topics than “religious freedom”, “laïcité / relationship between the Church and the State,” “Ethics”, Faith and Science” and so on…

The next president is Reverend François Clavairoly, who will take his functions in next October 2013. He belongs to the United protestant Church of France.

The FPF is member of the Christian Council of Churches in France, and dialogues and works with the Roman Catholic Church and The Orthodox Church, for example.

The Council of the French protestant Federation designate several commissions to light his analysis and to make proposals. For example, two commissions take charge of the dialog with Muslims and Jews. One another gather the different french protestant schools. A commission is studying the actual thems under the title “Church and Society”, like “ethics and biology”, “Europ and migrants”, “Ecology and preservation of the creation”, “End of Life”....

The member bodies of the French Protestant Federation adhere to a chart, which states their conviction that they are called and bound together by the gospel as expressed in the scriptures, and recognize the centrality of the proclamation of salvation by grace, received by faith alone.

The preaching of the Reformation, the spiritual movements entailed by the Reformation, and the ecumenical approach, affirm this conviction. In the fraternal love and Freedom given by the gospel, they practice mutual Eucharistic hospitality in response to the invitation of the Lord and as a sign of their communion in Christ.

The French Protestant Federation represent nowadays a spiritual community of about nine hundred thousand christian persons, the protestant and evangelical people in France being a small minority, of 2,3 (two o three) per cent of the global population. That means that the FPF represents the two-third of the French protestantism.

The FPF is partner of the different evangelical and ecumenical instances in Europe and in the world.

At the end of september 2013 (two thousand thirteen), we will organize a big meeting in Paris, - we hope something like a big feast to testify that Jesus Christ is a hope for everyone in our world. We are waiting for more than twenty thousand people of the different sensibilities of the French Protestantism. The next meeting will take place in Lyon in 2017, in context with the Jubilee of Reformation.

For year ago was celebrated the jubilee of the birth of John Calvin, the French Reformator and the author of the “Christian Institution”. That’s to say that the French protestantism now restate his theological basis and think over his presence in the French society.  The FPF is associated at different official moments.

Document rédigé par YP – Février 2013